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Eddie Bean

Agata, a Sicilian butcher in the 1890’s, is stuck under the rule of her kind, but overprotective father, Umberto. Sporting a cerulean scar on her cheek, Agata becomes hunted by the shadowy Baron Corvo, who desires her blood to unlock a mythic stone of power. To escape his clutches, Agata allies herself with a Strega, who calls forth a great storm to reveal this stone to Agata, but in the process wrecks an Italian naval ship onto the shore—full of officers sent by the Italian king to find this mysterious stone, and captained by the handsome and daring Luciano. Agata must navigate in an increasingly dangerous situation while remaining loyal to her father, her heart, and discovering herself.

Voyage past ten thousand years

Land upon the shore 

Of the island pounded by Neptune's spears

And forged by gods of yore...

Burning Shadow of the Sun
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