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Eddie Bean

about 👀

Eddie Bean is a Manhattan-based writer, composer, and artist. Recent works include: Quiddawick (2023), Stevie and the Infinite Scroll (Power Station, 2022), Miceburg (The Latest Draft, 2021), Revelation, Manhattan (Green Room 42, 2020), love/fantasy (Downtown Urban Arts Festival, 2019), The House on Haunted Hill (interACT Theater, 2019), Adult Stuff Or: What I Learned At Summer Camp (Emerging Artists’ Theatre, 2018), and the radioplays Live From the El Shanghai (2020) and Theatre of Christ (Desperate Nightmares, 2017). His former band, The Gazebo, released an improvisatory art-rock album Hiding Places in October 2016. 

He has assisted acclaimed musical theatre composer JRB on multitudinous projects since 2015 including Broadway's Mr. Saturday NightHoneymoon in Vegas, Prince of Broadway, King Kong, The Connector, Parade, 13, Songs for a New World, and Farewell My Concubine. He formed his first band, The Ed Cat Relationship, with his brother at the age of 10. In middle school he attempted to spearhead a comedy ska band (trombone, lol) and then spent his formative years playing progressive rock at dive bars.

He studied Music Theory and Composition at New York University and Musical Theatre Writing at BerkleeNYC. He writes songs, lyrics, musicals, and theatrical scores. Eddie has a cat named Tybalt and is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America. 

"unquestionably adept and with something to say. His future should be verrrrrry interesting."       

        -Cabaret Scenes

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